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If you are struggling with getting your weight under control by doing simple cardio, maybe in-home personal training in Toronto & Mississauga is the answer. Personal training in combination with a healthy diet is the key to losing weight. To get your appetite under control try following these simple tips!


1.Take Your Time Eating

When you eat very quickly, there is a chance you can miss your body signaling that you are full. Your body has to go through a certain procedure when processing your foods to inform you, you are full. If you finish your meal before your body can finish this procedure, you can end up overeating.


2.Consume Healthy Fats

Eating healthy fats and protein in combination, have the power to make you feel more satisfied. They encourage your small intestine and brain to release the CCK hormone which makes you feel replenished and satisfied while you’re eating.


3.Get More Fibre

Incorporating fibre into your diet does more than just aid your immune system. Unprocessed fibre forces the body to spend more of its energy on breaking down foods. This means more calories are used to consume food and less have to be burned through exercise. This is great if you feel like you don’t have much time during the week to do those 3 extra squats you’d like!


4.Cut Back on the Salt and Sugar

The mix of carbohydrates, salt and fat is what makes fast food taste so good. Avoid this mix when cooking at home to prevent yourself from overeating. Use alternative methods to cook food like steaming instead of frying to keep your meals healthy.


5.Get Some More Sleep

When your body doesn’t get enough sleep it over produces the stomach and intestine hormone ghrelin and doesn’t produce enough of the fat hormone leptin. If your body doesn’t produce enough leptin, your body is convinced that you are starving. To produce healthy doses of these hormones, get some more sleep. To get better sleep, establish a routine and hop into bed a couple hours early.


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