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The Edge Advantage

When you train with an Edge personal fitness trainer, we are committed to your success. Here are a few things we guarantee to you:

  • 1.We assess your fitness level and capabilities – There's no judgement here. Evaluating your current capabilities allows Edge to formulate a workout regimen that fits your needs.
  • 2.Maximum workout efficiency while being safe. An Edge personal trainer will make sure you know to use equipment and maintain correct form during a workout. We make sure you get the most out of your session without over stressing your body.
  • 3.Motivate! Motivate! Motivate! Edge Bootcamp's first goal is make sure you are enjoying your sessions encourage you to meet your goals.

Edge Boot Camp Expertise

  • Strength Training & Conditioning
  • Endurance Training – Triathlon, Cycling, Running
  • Weight Loss
  • Goal Setting, Planning and Lifestyle Coaching
  • Motivation

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