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Whether you are fit or not, summer is coming! If you are not prepared, don’t worry – we have some tips to get your summer beach body in check.

Eat Right

We all know the importance of diet in losing weight and achieving optimum health. The old phrase ‘You are what you eat’ does not paint a flattering picture if we are consuming the Standard North American diet. A diet high in refined sugars and starches leads to the dreaded cycle of the over consumption of the wrong foods, and further cravings due to the lack of nutrition available in our food choices. This cycle is the enemy of every body type! Avoid it by replacing your bad food habits with positive choices:


  • Replace sugary drinks with water or herbal tea, or try lemon water
  • Eliminate obvious sources of refined sugars, avoid baked goods, and eat only whole grain bread, whole wheat or brown rice pastas
  • Avoid the standard coffee and bagel or cereal breakfast trap. Try breakfast smoothies made with frozen fruit and yogurt, and pair it with an excellent protein source like an eggs
  • Soups and Salads can be an excellent and convenient way to add more vegetables to your diet
  • A single glass of red wine, or chocolate sweetened with stevia can satisfy your sugar cravings without throwing your goals off track
  • Have healthy snacks on hand. Nuts, veggies and hummus, and yogurt or cottage cheese make excellent choices

While there is no ‘one fits all’ perfect diet for everyone, it is possible to incorporate more whole and real food choices. Avoid processed foods and aim for a variety to maximize the nutrition you need to achieve your beach ready body!

Stay Hydrated

Drink, drink, and drink some more…water! Keeping hydrated is essential in meeting your health needs. Avoid sugar filled sports drinks, soda, juices, and too much caffeine in favor of pure filtered water. Or try this simple homemade sports drink:

  • 4 cups liquid (water, coconut water, herbal tea)
  • ¼ tsp Himalayan sea salt
  • Fruit juice or stevia to sweeten as needed
  • Optional – add ½ tsp magnesium powder

Aiming for 8 -10 glasses of water is a good start, but keep in mind that as your activity level increases, so will the amount you need to drink.

Hire a Personal Trainer

Perhaps one of the best kept secrets to attaining beach body success is to enlist the help of a professional! A personal trainer is a wise investment for those who are serious about achieving their optimum beach body. A trainer can provide the structure, motivation, and routines needed to ensure your success.

Often times, it can be difficult to know where to begin in the gym. A personal trainer is there to help you safely, accurately, and steadily achieve your goals with workouts that are designed just for you, and can target any specific needs you may have. Personal trainers keep you accountable and can introduce you to a variety of workout options. Success with a personal trainer is often far beyond what can be achieved on your own. Your trainer is there to support and motivate you along your fitness journey – all the way to the beach body you’ve always wanted!

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